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long wood bow's classes v1.94

More classes. Anyway.

  1. Fit to current KAG, fixes, balance change and more

    • Insane knockback of firelancer's flamethrow.(normal edition only, didn't do against light edition)
    • Poison attack can penetrate shield.
    • Spearman's fire and poison particle can be seen when selected even doesn't have them
    Balance changed:
    • Now spearman doesn't lost special spears if melee against non effective things. Should lost when hit shielded knight?
    • Assassin can dig wooden blocks faster, 6 -> 5 hits to dig.
    • Musketman's shovel do 1/3 damage against logs, shouldn't?
    • Now musketman can shoot bullet on discharging, then deflect up to 5 degrees. Should more?
    • Firelancer's flamethrower ignites walls frequently.
    • More firelancer's recoil, mass x2 -> x3.
    • More quickly duelist's jab, 9 -> 8 ticks to resheath.
    • Lesser duelist's digging power, 5 damage to dig wood or 3 damage to dig dirt, jab is 1 damage and slash is 2 damage.
    Other changes:
    • Now assassin doesn't target the blobs that have StoneStructureHit.as, such as stone door.
    • Added ImportantPickup.as to acid jar, bomb box, oil bottle, fire spear and flame throwers. Also add more important score to acid jar and bomb box, like bomb arrow.
    • Added setArrowHoverRect() in ArrowCommon.as to materials that kind of ammo.
    • Firelancer's flamethrower doesn't ignite wall tiles on just shoot, for ignore self-fire.
    • Changed firelancer's stick attack animation.
    • Added crouching animation to spearman, crossbowman and weaponthrower.
    • Changed spearman, weaponthrower and butcher's throwing animation, use knight's unused frame.
    • Now hitting stone thing with bullet or firelance frag causes spark and special sound like hitting stone block.
    • Now classes shops don't show class changing button when no classes alive.
    To Do:
    • Improve bullet and fire lance frag, they sometimes can't hit mine
    • Make light edition more lighter, may do it more later
    • Show helps more times, they are reduced after few times
    • Add more value to classes common scripts to change parameter easily
    • Add crouching animation to duelist, make archer's crouching shoot anim and offer to THD?
    • Repairable barricade, then maybe need many changes
    • Give duelist the skill that ignite water bomb?
    • Give assassin the skill that change door and mine color?
    • ShieldHit.as looks need to change about weaponthrower, then need to change WeaponthrowerCommon.as
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