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long wood bow's classes v1.94

More classes. Anyway.

  1. Chopper the defensive melee class and more

    Chopper the defensive melee class:
    • Use axe to affect massive damage
    • Use mattok to mine like builder
    • Build wooden building and farm
    • TODO: Should this class can get resources as resupply at builder shop, not knight shop?
    Balance change:
    • Added resistance of bullet and fire lance to musketman's barricade(half damage).
    • Added more block damage radius to bomb box, 32(same as mine) -> 36(half of keg), maybe I'll buff more.
    • Reduced the default cost of chakram. 30 -> 20
    • Now barricades of demolitionist and musketman don't pass the light.
    • Removed damage reducing of musketman's shovel against log(1/3), maybe I'll add again(1/2).
    Bug fix and more:
    • Added outpost crate icon.
    • Now demolitionist pickups bomb box on auto.
    • Now musketman can repair barricades, still demolitionist can't because they have a issue that they will break when repair the barricade on glass tile.
    • Added pickup priority for new classes from v1.1.
    • Improved bullet, so a little better for hit mine or small things.
    • Fixed butcher's knife hit timing.
    • Added OffscreenThrottle.as to barricades.
    • Removed building scripts of musketman, rockthrower and demolitionist, now include BuilderCommon.as.

    So, I'll do somethings to do(e.g. add more values to classes common scripts) after v1.9, making all classes. Please wait...
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