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long wood bow's classes v1.94

More classes. Anyway.

  1. Gunner, Config upgrade and Balancing

    New class: Gunner the agility ranged class
    1 sec charge to low accuracy shoot
    3 secs is full charge: Snipe or double shoot, can change on inventory
    Grappling like archer

    Now CTF Shops don't sell items of disabled classes. Also, TTH Factories don't make items of disabled classes. On TDM and DTS, you must change config to disable items.
    Halved length of hitbox of musketman(and gunner)'s bullet and add offset of musketman's shooting. So don't hit the door when stick behind with door. Halved it because was happen the issue that can hit enemy through door at too close range. Sorry if through enemies... bullet has too high velocity.
    Changed musketman default head, now previous musketman head is for gunner.

    More charging force for Spearman 0.6 ->0.75(Knight is 0.5).
    Med kits is 5 per stack and can stack 2 in a slot, so can get only 5 Med kits from shop or tent, also not useful to healing yourself(expect Medic).
    Now medic can cure poison. Excepted for self aiding by other classes.
    Reduced medic's acid damage for ground stuff 2 -> 1.
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