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long wood bow's classes v1.94

More classes. Anyway.

  1. Butcher, Gunner and more

    New Classes:
    Butcher the tactical support class
    Use knife to butch corpse, for get steak and poisonous meat.
    Throw poisonous meat to poison enemies.
    Burn somethings or cook steak to double or fishy to save using oil.
    Duelist the agility melee class
    Quickly attack with rapier.
    Can use grapple.

    Animation of dead medic.
    Clan flag of gunner when dead or crouch.
    Give offset for spearman's thrown spear. Now don't hit doors just behind him.
    Improved bullet's hitting, maybe don't hit other thing behind target.
    A little pixel change of crossbowman and spearman.

    Balancing and changes:
    Added new classes' TDM HUD icons, then hammer icon became for warhammer and changed rockthrower's icon into staff sling.
    Bigger hitbox of medic's spray against blobs.
    Buffed musketman's shovel, decreased cooldown 30 -> 25 ticks, 2 damage for dirt(2 thicks slower than builder(12 * 4) on destroy dirt) and more damage 0.25 -> 0.5 heart.
    Decreased gunner's movement speed while charging x0.75 -> x0.6(before full charge)/x0.5(after full charge).
    As the spearman, now you can cancel throwing when pressing LMB.
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