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long wood bow's classes v1.94

More classes. Anyway.

  1. Light edition reworked, bug fixes and balancing

    I fixed some compile errors on light edition. So now light edition works.

    Increased knife range 10(as same as builder's pickaxe) -> 12
    Decreased knife animation ticks(more hits per time) 12 -> 10 ticks
    Decreased melee range 20~24 -> 18~20(knight is 16~18)
    Decreased power attack charging force 0.75 -> 0.65(knight is 0.5)
    Increased throwing spear velocity 10 -> 12.
    Increased throwing spear speed value that deal 1.5 damage and stunning 8.5 -> 11.5
    Rock Thrower:
    Increased rock velocity 10 -> 12
    Increased health 2 -> 3 hearts.
    Increased self heal cooldown 15 -> 25 ticks(for deny infinite diving and balancing for health change)
    Now med kits is 10 per stack and 1 stack per slot(cost decreased).
    Other classes need 5 med kits for heal 0.5 heart.
    Increase melee range 15~16 -> 16~18(as same as knight)
    Increase charge limit that can do power attacking 10 -> 20, knight's limit summary is slash_charge_level2(38) + slash_charge(15) + 10, it looks like slash_charge + 25 on duelist.
    Butcher in light edition:
    Increased poisonous meat damage 0.25(miss, I planed 0.5) -> 1, but maybe I'll change after the test.
    Musketman and Gunner:
    Decreased bullet's knock back 6 -> 1
    Still I'm thinking about them, they're OP on flat DTS maps.

    Now random magazine(often see them with dispenser in TDM map) don't generate disabled classes' items.
    Rockthrower's rocks hit enemy as arrow instead of shark's bite. It mean we can hear hit sound but lesser damage for wooden things and stone things.
    Now don't happen shield sound and spark on hit spear with sword(only standard edition, changed OnHitFailed.as).
    Improve bullet's hitting more against platform. If you see strange hit, it's almost because of KAG engine.

    To Do:
    Balancing of musketman and gunner.
    Disable to get disabled classes' items from chest(CTF and TDM common loot)
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