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long wood bow's classes v1.94

More classes. Anyway.

  1. Fit to build 3900 and balance changes

    Applied the official change to this mod. Especially, now all characters can use switch ammo or something using Shift + number key like knight and archer.
    Add more knock back of rock thrower's hammer.(experiment)
    Change sounds of rock thrower's rock and butcher's meat.
    Add more scripts from builder to musketman, maybe it works when can't build.
    Reduced shield hit stun time of assassin(20 > 10) and crossbowman(30 > 15).

    TO DO:
    Change order of shop items for buying using number key.
    Add Fire Lancer the Tactical Ranged Class.
    Reduce shield hit stun time of butcher, also check all shield hit stun time and adjust fair.
    Assassin can shift the point of smoke ball like medic's spray.
    Add poisonous meat to quarter and TDM shop?
    Team color for weapon thrower's weapon.
    Can attack enemies through the ally barricades using sword.
    Gather some params into one script, like CTFCosts.as.
    Give assassin a door unlocking skill?
    And more...
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