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long wood bow's classes v1.94

More classes. Anyway.

  1. Rise of Demolitionist and more

    NEW Class: Demolitionist the agility support class
    • grappling and pickaxe
    • build sticky bomb box
    • build makeshift barricade that block anything
    Bug fix:
    • Fixed that weaponthrower spams cancel throwing popin sound.
    • Fixed that musketman can build infinity barricades when use cycle system(tap f).
    • Now medic can see icons from damaged allies.
    • Now this mod don't mod BuilderHittable.as(Oops I forgot TTH Building, fix next time).
    • Changed rockthrower's class icon.
    • Changed butcher's icons and sprites from curve on blade to curve on back.
    • A little changed cape rockthrower's sprites.
    • Now duelist can get heart or burger as class drop(chest loots 1 item from opener class based item and 2 items from gamemode based items(ctf or tdm)).
    • Also, now chest don't drop items of deactivated classes in config(means that 2 items from gamemode based items)
    As v1.5"1":
    • Balancing, nerfed more rockthrower's hammer knockback to previous version. x4 -> x2
    • Balancing, butcher gets more poisonous meats. 2/5(poisoned corpse) -> 5/10
    • Bug fix, that medic's injury icons don't disappear on die.
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