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long wood bow's classes v1.94

More classes. Anyway.

  1. Warhammer, Warcrafter(not completed) and more

    A little incomplete, but let me save on forum
    Added Classes:
    Warhammer the tactical melee class:

    • Slow, but high damage melee attack with hammer
    • Use flail for mid ranged attack
    Warcrafter the defensive support class:
    • Can build some battle utilities
    • TODO: Upgrade cart to ram or tower siege for climb enemy walls
    Improvement and balancing:

    • Add bullet system for bullets and firelance frags, now it doesn't tunnel small things, such as mine(not supported, but looks it work...)
    • So, I increased velocity of bullets and firelance frags, 35.18、26.385 -> 50.0、35.18
    • Also changed drag of them, 0.3, 0.2 -> 1.0, 0.7 and changed bullets friction(I changed wrong, but for reference), 0.5 -> 0.2
    • Increased velocity of flamethrower's flame, it means increased range too. 13.1925 -> 15.0
    • Increased musketman's charge time, 60 -> 75 ticks
    • Increased firelancer's charge time, 45 -> 50 ticks (snipe 100, double shoot 150)
    • Added new items in CratePickupCommon.as, so can store touched items while pickup crate.
    • Now item bomb boxes spawns on player's hand when pickup deactivated bomb boxes.
    • Decreased duelist's jab time, 8 -> 7 ticks
    • Now most helps are shown 255 times, almost infinity.
    • Now your character speaks description of classes. Press f1 to allow/disallow.
    • Changed musketman and gunner's default head, maybe it's final decide.
    Bug fixes:
    • Fixed cape spearman's texture.
    • Bad delta bug of workbench, official KAG may will get it too.
    • Fixed sprite frame of bucket on fill at buildershop/workbench, also can use only 2 times now(like current KAG system).
    • Now weaponthrower doesn't throw pickup item when press shift + space.
    Light edition change:
    • Deleted gold and cape classes.
    • Deleted help(I'll add again without icons, also add description messages).
    • Cart upgrade
    • I'll make light edition more lighter
    • Make brain, so can play DTS on fewer player
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