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long wood bow's classes v1.94

More classes. Anyway.

  1. Tower Siege and more

    Added Tower Siege:
    • You can make tower siege from cart.
    • Huge moving ladder, it makes easier to climb enemy wall, also very tough
    Fixed and Changed:
    • Fixed light edition, but still need to recheck.
    • Fixed that crossbowman can make arrow from ally wooden thing.
    • Fixed demolitionist's stop action description.
    • Improved bullet's hit system, reduced the issue that can attack enemy through ally doors.
    • Improved assassin hitting priority, hit traps(mine and bear trap) instead of vehicles and npc fresh thing(shark and bison, but this judgement system detects chicken and fishy too). Now priority is Player > Traps > Vehicles and Fresh things > Other.
    • Now bullet and firelance frags will be disappeared when hit red barrier, so can't hit enemies through the barrier.
    • Updated death tips.
    • Helps of light edition rework
    • Improve classes common scripts for easier to change stats
    • Make brain, for TDM and DTS
    • Make light edition lighter
    • Add special skills that can enable on config, e.g. duelist can use water bomb
    • Balancing, then need to play more
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