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long wood bow's classes v1.94

More classes. Anyway.

  1. Update for build 4409, bug fix and more

    • Characters no longer speak the description on spawn on class change. You can see description in class change menu instead of it.
    • Now warcrafter can't craft boulder without workbench.
    • Moved fireplace to crafting list in warcrafter buildable, it's not static blob.
    • Now makeshift catapult and tower siege don't spin.
    • Now you can't pickup makeshift catapult that someone rides.
    • Now tower siege can't attach to warship and more.
    • Reduced ram's hit arc, 30 -> 24°, but set center of arc back of cart. It means you can hit wide even close range.
    • Reduced ram's full charge/cooldown ticks, 60/30 -> 40/20(experiment, it may will be nerfed soon)
    • Now rockthrower's rock can't hurt stone structures.
    • Better gunner accuracy, 4,6(double shoot) -> 3,4°
    • Lesser butcher poison meat gain per corpse, 5,10(poisoned corpse) -> 3,5
    • Now warhammer uses archer's cursor when use flail.
    • Fixed that crossbowman can't make an arrow from material wood in some cases.
    • Fixed the spell of "mattock" from "mattok".
    Light edition change:
    Note: I'll revert if you want. Tell me then.
    • Deleted loot of new items from chest and dispenser of TDM.
    • Deleted icons of TDM.
    • Now new classes use builder's default head if you select default head.

    • Revive help to light edition, except new icons.
    • More values in classes common scripts.
    • Allow tower siege to climb slope.
    • Allow assassin to throw smokeball, double tap to stun around like current assassin.
    • ...Or allow assassin to use water bomb?
    • More items for warcrafter, allow to make makeshift throwing axe and torch for fight. Become builder but can build makeshift buildings and mid range attack.
    • Add sieges from siege plus(means merge mods), and cannon and make coffee mill gun, very strong sieges.
    • Change crossbowman, weaponthrower, warcrafter and archer based classes' texture, for easier to see.
    • Recheck all scripts again.
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