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long wood bow's classes v1.94

More classes. Anyway.

  1. For build 4541, combined siege plus and more

    From Siege Plus:
    • Added bomber to boat shop, it got bombing system. Put bomb balls into the inventory, ride and press space.
    • Added light ballista, if you want to shoot normal bolts with cheap cost.
    • Added mounted bow to siege shop.
    • Added bomb ball, it explodes if get shock, so try to drop or throw using catapult.
    Additional Sieges:
    • Added mounted gun. Better accuracy, damage and range than mounted bow, but half fire rate.
    • Added cranked gun. A little over technology manual machine gun allows you to shoot a lot of bullets. It might be a final weapon.
    • Added cannon. This final weapon penetrate wall with small explosion and finally make bigger explosion.
    • Reduced the cost of bomb box, 50 -> 40
    • Reduced damage of thrown spear against heavy vehicles(e.g. warship) like arrow, 2.0 -> 0.5
    • Ram got double damage against structure(e.g. door) and vehicle blobs.
    • Reduced damage multiply of shovel and rockthrower's rock against statue of DTS, 1.0 -> 0.5
    • Reduced firelancer's jump power and movement speed while stick hitting, 0.8,0.9 -> 0.6,0.6
    • Improved tower siege's hit box. So now tower siege can climb slope a little.
    Changed and Fixed:
    • Now score board shows new classes' icon. No change for light edition for saving.
    • Fixed that can't play TTH because of an error.
    • Fixed that bullets and firelance frags penetrate red barrier.
    • Now boulder get resistance against new classes' attack, it has resistance against sword and arrow in vanilla kag.
    • Keg in knight shop items list get team colored(I forgot)
    • Changed help icons of rockthrower's staff sling and warhammer's hammer.
    • Added more info that makeshift catapult has half throwing power except normal rocks, to description.
    • A little changed the description of TTH technology "Alchemy".
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