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long wood bow's classes v1.94

More classes. Anyway.

  1. New textures, class skills change and more

    Warcrafter's items added:
    • Tall barricades, 1x4, 1x6, 1x8 and 1x10
    • Allowed to build workshop in CTF
    • Weapon making mode: throw makeshift axe and make torch
    • Now assassin's smoke ball is throwable, tap space twice to stun nearby enemies like old system. Also nerfed radius and enemy detecting system. Radius 37.5(30+7.5) -> 24
    • Now ram can deal 4 - > 5 hearts damage, and increased max charge time a little. 40 -> 45 ticks
    • Now chopper's nursery doesn't make tree seeds, makes only grain, flower and bush seeds. made own nursery instead of vanilla one.
    • Changed some classes' textures, added more difference between classes so you can distinguish easier now.
    • Changed leaderboard icons a little.
    • You can see builder's resupply timer in shared classes, rockthrower, warcrafter, demolitionist and chopper too. Only in standard edition.
    • Now you can use warcrafter in DTS.
    • Deactivated rockthrower's resupply and changed default cost of stone in DTS. 10 -> 100
    • You can buy mounted bow, mounted gun, cranked gun and cannon in DTS now.
    • Rechecked fast hittable things.
    • Fixed that flamethrower knockbacks enemy too strong in light edition.
    • Fixed that wooden spikes and bear trap on hand gib.
    • Fixed the behavior of cannonball against blobs.
    • Fixed the name of cranked gun in vehicle shop.
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