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long wood bow's classes v1.927

More classes. Anyway.

  1. For build 4541, combined siege plus and more

    From Siege Plus:
    • Added bomber to boat shop, it got bombing system. Put bomb balls into the inventory, ride and press space.
    • Added light ballista, if you want to shoot normal bolts with cheap cost.
    • Added mounted bow to siege shop.
    • Added bomb ball, it explodes if get shock, so try to drop or throw using catapult.
    Additional Sieges:
    • Added mounted gun. Better accuracy, damage and range than mounted bow, but half fire rate.
    • Added...
  2. Update for build 4409, bub fix and more

    • Characters no longer speak the description on spawn on class change. You can see description in class change menu instead of it.
    • Now warcrafter can't craft boulder without workbench.
    • Moved fireplace to crafting list in warcrafter buildable, it's not static blob.
    • Now makeshift catapult and tower siege don't spin.
    • Now you can't pickup makeshift catapult that someone rides.
    • Now tower siege can't attach to warship and more.
    • Reduced ram's hit...
  3. balancing and more

    improved gunner's accuracy, 6(normal)/12(double shoot) -> 4/6 degrees, i may improve more
    reduced warhammer's hammer charge, 25 -> 22 ticks
    reduced warhammer's flail charge, 30/30/30*2(full charge remaining) ->25/25/30
    now warhammaer can move faster while charging, except fully charged. 0.7 speed while charging, 0.5 speed after charging

    now butcher can butch ally corpses.
    fixed that warhammer get more slowdown while flail charging.

    dts change:
    improved elder forest(change...
  4. Urgent fix

    Fixed that rockthrower's rocks cant hit blob.
  5. Tower Siege and more

    Added Tower Siege:
    • You can make tower siege from cart.
    • Huge moving ladder, it makes easier to climb enemy wall, also very tough
    Fixed and Changed:
    • Fixed light edition, but still need to recheck.
    • Fixed that crossbowman can make arrow from ally wooden thing.
    • Fixed demolitionist's stop action description.
    • Improved bullet's hit system, reduced the issue that can attack enemy through ally doors.
    • Improved assassin hitting priority,...
  6. Warhammer, Warcrafter(not completed) and more

    A little incomplete, but let me save on forum
    Added Classes:
    Warhammer the tactical melee class:

    • Slow, but high damage melee attack with hammer
    • Use flail for mid ranged attack
    Warcrafter the defensive support class:
    • Can build some battle utilities
    • TODO: Upgrade cart to ram or tower siege for climb enemy walls
    Improvement and balancing:

    • Add bullet system for bullets and firelance frags, now it...
  7. Chopper the defensive melee class and more

    Chopper the defensive melee class:
    • Use axe to affect massive damage
    • Use mattok to mine like builder
    • Build wooden building and farm
    • TODO: Should this class can get resources as resupply at builder shop, not knight shop?
    Balance change:
    • Added resistance of bullet and fire lance to musketman's barricade(half damage).
    • Added more block damage radius to bomb box, 32(same as mine) -> 36(half of keg), maybe I'll buff more.
    • Reduced the...
  8. Fit to current KAG, fixes, balance change and more

    • Insane knockback of firelancer's flamethrow.(normal edition only, didn't do against light edition)
    • Poison attack can penetrate shield.
    • Spearman's fire and poison particle can be seen when selected even doesn't have them
    Balance changed:
    • Now spearman doesn't lost special spears if melee against non effective things. Should lost when hit shielded knight?
    • Assassin can dig wooden blocks faster, 6 -> 5 hits to dig.
    • Musketman's shovel do...
  9. For build 4137 and more, still working

    • Accept new knight's attacking system(better performance?)
    • Add special arrows' special pickup script to my materials
    • Add crouch sprites for new classes
    • Improve bullet and firelance frags, they don't hit mine well
    • Make light edition much lighter
    • And more...
    Fix and More:
    • Added BuilderAnim.as to both edition, because added barricades to fast pickaxe list
    • Now you can't change type of firelance while firing
    • Now firelancer don't...
  10. Firelancer the tactical ranged classes and more

    New Class: Firelancer the tactical ranged classes
    • Chinese medieval weapon.
    • 2 secs igniting time and 1 sec fuse time, then shoot 3 frags like shotgun.
    • Can use flamethrower likes firelance.
    • Use handle as weapon, low damage but high knockback and stun.
    Bug fixes and Tweaks:
    • Builder, Rockthrower and Demolitionist can destroy TTH shop now. Didn't change BuilderHittable.as.
    • Now TTH pyrotechnics factory makes butcher's oil.
    • Now spears...