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long wood bow's classes v1.52

More classes. Anyway.

  1. spear hitbox tweak

    I'm planning about new classes.
  2. I forgot Spearman

    Now Spearman's spear throwing offset is as same as archer.
  3. For Build 3536

    No change except for Build 2526.
  4. For 3490 and some changes

    Changed Rockthrower's texture like builder axe animation, looks better.
    Changed Cape Assassin like archer.
    Now Assassin can dig blocks even blocked by spikes.
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  5. DTS support and more

    Fit to build 3482.
    Now spearman, assassin and musketman's shovel can get wood from log.
    Crossbowman's log hitting is as same as knight. low damage and don't hit all logs. But can get arrows.
    DTS supported. Need to load LWBClasses_DTS and set sv_gamemode DTS.
    Added new classes items to present, for christmas.
    Added config that disable some classes.
    Bullet has x1.5 damage for stone structures.
    Bullet has double of arrow speed, instead x1.5 speed.
    Longer bullet trail for more hitbox, because of...
  6. Changed clan flag script and added builder hittable

    I made clan flag script easier to add other flags. I'm ready to add.
    Also, now builder can hit TTH workshop.

    I'm making v1.0, I'll add:
    DTS support, you can play Destroy the Statue with new classes.
    Config file that can disable some classes.
    And trying to make it not buggy for all environment... if I can.
  7. more Japanese flag usable players and stabbing sound change

    Added player names that can use Japanese flag. Also I'll add other clan flags f you want.
    Now, assassin's stabbing sound will be played when stab flesh things.
  8. More special spears stackable and assassin cursor

    Now you can have 2 fire spears or 4 poison spears in 2 slots.
    Also, changed assassin icon so offset is normalized now.
  9. Get registration.json and Light edition

    So, now don't need to download when update server mod.
    Also, now you can download light edition, as zip file in zip file.

    I'm making DTS, so I'll add addon and make v1.0.
    Also trying to fix that some people can't play original edition.
  10. Balancing and bullet knocking

    More legolas charge time for crossbowman 60 > 90 ticks.
    More bayonet delay for crossbowman 15 > 18 ticks.
    More musket bullet knock time 15 > 25 ticks, except when shield hit.
    No knocking range limit for bullet. It mean all timing of bullet can knock enemy likes full charged arrow in short range, even shield hit.

    Now I'm trying to fix that some people can't play this mod, please tell me if you find some reasons.