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long wood bow's classes v1.93

More classes. Anyway.

  1. Firelancer the tactical ranged classes and more

    New Class: Firelancer the tactical ranged classes
    • Chinese medieval weapon.
    • 2 secs igniting time and 1 sec fuse time, then shoot 3 frags like shotgun.
    • Can use flamethrower likes firelance.
    • Use handle as weapon, low damage but high knockback and stun.
    Bug fixes and Tweaks:
    • Builder, Rockthrower and Demolitionist can destroy TTH shop now. Didn't change BuilderHittable.as.
    • Now TTH pyrotechnics factory makes butcher's oil.
    • Now spears...
  2. Rise of Demolitionist and more

    NEW Class: Demolitionist the agility support class
    • grappling and pickaxe
    • build sticky bomb box
    • build makeshift barricade that block anything
    Bug fix:
    • Fixed that weaponthrower spams cancel throwing popin sound.
    • Fixed that musketman can build infinity barricades when use cycle system(tap f).
    • Now medic can see icons from damaged allies.
    • Now this mod don't mod BuilderHittable.as(Oops I forgot...
  3. Balance changes and more

    Balance changes:
    • More fire arc degrees for gunner's double shoots 16 -> 24
    • Added more friction 0.1 -> 0.5(arrow is 0.2) and drag 0.2 -> 0.3(arrow is 0.7) of bullet. It is lost some range
    • Reduced velocity border to disappear 30 -> 26.385 (archer's arrow x1.5).
    • Now bullet damage will be disappeared by velocity, 1.5~1.0
    • Reduced bullet normal stun 25 -> 20, already shield hit stun is reduced to 10 on mid to far hit
    • Now musketman can dig thick stone using shovel,...
  4. Fit to build 3900 and balance changes

    Applied the official change to this mod. Especially, now all characters can use switch ammo or something using Shift + number key like knight and archer.
    Add more knock back of rock thrower's hammer.(experiment)
    Change sounds of rock thrower's rock and butcher's meat.
    Add more scripts from builder to musketman, maybe it works when can't build.
    Reduced shield hit stun time of assassin(20 > 10) and crossbowman(30 > 15).

    TO DO:
    Change order of shop items for buying using number key.
  5. Weaponthrower, bullet classes nerfs, bug fixes and more

    New class: Weapon Thrower the defensive ranged class
    Long range attack using boomerangs. Note: real battle boomerang doesn't return because it's dangerous.
    Mid range powerful attack using chakrams, also can be a ladder.
    Shield to block enemy attacking and special movements.

    Bullet classes nerfs and balancing:
    More bullet lower limit. 10 -> 30(shoot speed is 35.18), so it will be disappeared in red barrier faster. Maybe I'll add range limit to bullet.
    Bullet's force knock(for...
  6. Light edition reworked, bug fixes and balancing

    I fixed some compile errors on light edition. So now light edition works.

    Increased knife range 10(as same as builder's pickaxe) -> 12
    Decreased knife animation ticks(more hits per time) 12 -> 10 ticks
    Decreased melee range 20~24 -> 18~20(knight is 16~18)
    Decreased power attack charging force 0.75 -> 0.65(knight is 0.5)
    Increased throwing spear velocity 10 -> 12.
    Increased throwing spear speed value that deal 1.5 damage and stunning 8.5 -> 11.5...
  7. Hot Fix

    Changed duelist health 2 -> 3, but maybe decrease if it's OP.
    Fixed that sounds of duelist charging and attack don't play.
    Fixed that bullet hits logs, platforms and more.

    Bullet has too fast velocity and causes some issues. Sorry if strange things are happen.
  8. Butcher, Gunner and more

    New Classes:
    Butcher the tactical support class
    Use knife to butch corpse, for get steak and poisonous meat.
    Throw poisonous meat to poison enemies.
    Burn somethings or cook steak to double or fishy to save using oil.
    Duelist the agility melee class
    Quickly attack with rapier.
    Can use grapple.

    Animation of dead medic.
    Clan flag of gunner when dead or crouch.
    Give offset for spearman's thrown spear. Now don't hit doors just behind him.
    Improved bullet's hitting, maybe don't hit...
  9. Gunner, Config upgrade and Balancing

    New class: Gunner the agility ranged class
    1 sec charge to low accuracy shoot
    3 secs is full charge: Snipe or double shoot, can change on inventory
    Grappling like archer

    Now CTF Shops don't sell items of disabled classes. Also, TTH Factories don't make items of disabled classes. On TDM and DTS, you must change config to disable items.
    Halved length of hitbox of musketman(and gunner)'s bullet and add offset of musketman's shooting. So don't hit the door when stick behind...
  10. Fit to current build and Medic buff

    Changed some files to fit to Build 3570.
    So, now Crossbowman and Musketman will be lost their charge when lost their ammo like Archer.
    Changed Medic heal cooldown. 60 -> 45 ticks.