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long wood bow's classes v1.94

More classes. Anyway.

  1. Balancing and bullet knocking

    More legolas charge time for crossbowman 60 > 90 ticks.
    More bayonet delay for crossbowman 15 > 18 ticks.
    More musket bullet knock time 15 > 25 ticks, except when shield hit.
    No knocking range limit for bullet. It mean all timing of bullet can knock enemy likes full charged arrow in short range, even shield hit.

    Now I'm trying to fix that some people can't play this mod, please tell me if you find some reasons.
  2. Rockthrower infinite building bug is fixed

    Issue from allowed to change cost by config, I forgot init costs.
  3. Disabled bullet buoyancy

    Changed some shape stat of bullet.
  4. Separate files, added quarry and Japanese flag

    Now this mod is in 2 folders, so easier to download and joining.
    Now builder in TTH can build War Building instead Factory.
    Can make factory or stone quarry from War Building, maybe I'll add more buildings.
    With gratitude to the Japanese players, added Japanese flag for JP clan. I'll add more flags if someone wants.
  5. TTH Support

    More medic spray range 24 > 40;
    Lesser barricade health 1.0 > 0.5, 2 knight slashes, 4 jabs or arrows to destroy.
    Medic spray position is defined by client. Maybe it's easier to hit.
    TTH Support:
    Added and changed new techs:
    Poison, can make poison arrows, spears and jars in factories.
    Acid, can make acid jars in factories.
    Camping , now you can make mounted bow on workbench and barricade frames in factories.
    Now Military Supplies factory can make med kits, spears, smoke...
  6. Medkit for everyone, Bug fixes and Balancing

    Musketman infinite building bug, now don't make temp blob on no barricade.
    Now every classes can use medkit. Take on hand to press V, you can heal half heart. Uses 2 kits and 3 cooldown, still medic can heal himself on high effective.
    Buffed assassin knifing movement speed 0.3 > 0.5 and knife knock time 15 > 20.
    Nerfed rockthrower throwing, now need 15 tick to throw instead 12.
    Buffed bullet velocity 25.0 > 26.385(1.5 of arrow), I want to set it 35.18(double of arrow), but...
  7. balancing, cape texture fix and change

    Disabled that spearman can penetrate wooden doors.
    Experiment. Now medic can use spray 2 times per jar.
    About texture:
    Rechecked all textures.
    Fixed cape crossbowman textures. So crossbow and quiver are not disturbed.
    Fixed and changed cape rockthrower basket from golden lined basket to common basket. Also are not disturbed.
  8. a tweak

    Now thrown spear don't damage stone door.
  9. Bug fix(compromised) and Help Icons

    Help Icons for new classes.
    Now rockthrwer can rotate ladder before first ladder placed.
    Now musketman doesn't charge his musket when having barricade even first barricade placed.
    Fixed musketman infinite building issue. ...Maybe...
    Fixed that sound of spearman single slash charge, on slash.
    All way of bug fixes are compromise... I don't know about reasons of bug...
  10. Crossbowman, Musketman and TDM supported

    Crossbowman the tactical ranged class:
    Left click to draw and shoot arrow, can shoot triple shoot like old archer when fully charged.
    Right click to use bayonet to attack and make arrows. Can make 1 arrow per attack even hit many wooden objects.
    Can shoot fire and poison arrows, they're first shoot only if when legolas shoot.
    Musketman the defensive ranged class:
    Left click to shoot bullet, need to charge fully and discharge if when overcharged.
    Bullet can hurt all blocks except...