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long wood bow's classes v1.94

More classes. Anyway.

  1. TDM basic support

    Urgent update.
    You can buy new items from trader shop in TDM.
    You can get new items if you spawn or change class. Stone for Rock Thrower, Med Kit for Medic and Spears for Spearman.
    Still i don't add icons for GUI, I'll make it someday.
  2. v0.51:Spearman

    Made scripts fit to build 3333, sorry if it's not fit.
    Spearman the tactical melee class.
    Mat Fire Spears and Poison Spears.
    We have a chance to get items of this mod, from random magazine(in TDM maps).
    You can get new items from chests.
    (Still it's not support TDM fully)
    Added new items to wheel menu, it needs to set offset...
    Rockthrower's rock had too strong knock back.
    Now rockthrower's hammer can break mine on 2 hits. I want to use Hitter::hammer for other...