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Lord Knight Scie's Sprite Pack 1.7

A mix of my sprites I've made over the years

  1. Click to add text.

    -Touched up Heavy Archer Male
    -Added Bison Horn for KABA
    -Added Large Wooden suspended platform for KABA
    -Added Medium Wooden suspended platform for KABA
    -Added Small Wooden suspended platform for KABA
    -Added Rope length pattern for KABA
    -Added DualBannerStand for trading card + KABA
    -Added BannerPlatform for trading card + KABA
    -Updated chair sprite
    -Removed the Heavy Dinghy, will redo and add back in later
    -Added GunShop for Factions
    -Fixed spelling on chicken coop
    -Added Interceptor for factions
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