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Lord Knight Scie's Sprite Pack 1.7

A mix of my sprites I've made over the years

  1. Buncho stuff

    +Added Bible for Roleplay Revived
    +Added MiniHelicopter for Zable
    +Added Furnace for Zable
    +Added GoldAnchor for Zable
    +Added Pixie for Zable
    +Added PixieGlow for Zable
    +Added BritishFactionBase for RoE
    +Added BritishMarketShop for RoE
    +Added ChainCrate for RoE
    +Added ClubberFemale for RoE
    +Added ClubberMale for RoE
    +Added ClubIcon for RoE
    +Added DefenseShop for RoE
    +Added DockyardShop for RoE
    +Added GunShop_RoE for RoE
    +Added HoboCave for RoE
    +Added HoboHQ for RoE
    +Added HoboShop for RoE
    +Added IceBlock for RoE
    +Added WorkerMale for RoE
    +Added WorkerFemale for RoE
    +Added MarketShop
    +Added StoneWallUnbuilt
    +Added StoneWall

    ~Swapped description doc to .txt because microsoft is cringe
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