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Lord Knight Scie's Sprite Pack 1.7

A mix of my sprites I've made over the years

  1. Buncho stuff

    +Added Bible for Roleplay Revived
    +Added MiniHelicopter for Zable
    +Added Furnace for Zable
    +Added GoldAnchor for Zable
    +Added Pixie for Zable
    +Added PixieGlow for Zable
    +Added BritishFactionBase for RoE
    +Added BritishMarketShop for RoE
    +Added ChainCrate for RoE
    +Added ClubberFemale for RoE
    +Added ClubberMale for RoE
    +Added ClubIcon for RoE
    +Added DefenseShop for RoE
    +Added DockyardShop for RoE
    +Added GunShop_RoE for RoE
    +Added HoboCave for RoE
    +Added HoboHQ for RoE
    +Added HoboShop for RoE...
  2. Trench Run sprites!

    Now I'll have a bunch of Trench Run sprites I made ::):

    -Deleted Star Resource Icon
    -Touched up ArcheryRange
    Trench Run stuff:
    -Added Rail
    -Added TR map "Rig"
    -Added TR map "Scaffolding"
    -Added Barrel1
    -Added Barrel2
    -Added StonePlatform
    -Added WoodPlatform
    -Added Door
    -Added Turret
    -Added DefendLocation
    -Added BriefCase
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  3. Click to add text.

    -Touched up Heavy Archer Male
    -Added Bison Horn for KABA
    -Added Large Wooden suspended platform for KABA
    -Added Medium Wooden suspended platform for KABA
    -Added Small Wooden suspended platform for KABA
    -Added Rope length pattern for KABA
    -Added DualBannerStand for trading card + KABA
    -Added BannerPlatform for trading card + KABA
    -Updated chair sprite
    -Removed the Heavy Dinghy, will redo and add back in later
    -Added GunShop for Factions
    -Fixed spelling on chicken coop
    -Added Interceptor for...
  4. Moar sprites!

    -Added a folder full of the kag emotes with a transparent background so people can use them for custom emotes on discord servers.
    -Added a wisp head
    -Added a duck head
    -Added 1 signature
    -Added 1 signature part
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  5. Descriptions

    -Changed "Fire Bomb" to "Premium Bomb"
    -Added a sprite description list as a text document to explain the original purpose behind each sprite. -This idea was given to me by Makamoud, thanks!
  6. A lil' more.

    -Added Mirv Arrow sprite.
    -Added a metal plaque background for other resource makers to use for their resource icons.
    -Included the icon I used for this resource.
  7. Icons 1

    Added a few resource icons, and a tower sprite I put together using old kag sprites that I touched up quite a bit. ::):