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Manly, half-naked archers Manly_1

true archers don't wear shirts

  1. bunnie
    enderzilla747 likes this.

Recent Reviews

  1. enderzilla747
    Version: Manly_1
    Its good, but I feel as if the naked sprite was ripped from the builderino! Not that it matters (because I also rip sprites and edit them a bit). Just that the builder is muscularino and archerino is noterino, okerinos? Good.
  2. Redshadow6
    Version: Manly_1
    Due to the lack of seasons other than summer, the world of King Arthur is especially notable for its constantly high temperature. Oddly enough, King Arthur himself insisted for YEARS that all archers have to wear thick cotton clothing, which is ridiculous considering they have to fight under the burning sun. Thankfully, none other than bunnie stepped up and convinced Arthur to have archers go bare from the waist up. Now they're finally able to show their true potential! 5/5 stars for significantly improving the game!
    1. bunnie
      Author's Response
      thank yuo