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MapMakerMode 1.7


  1. Monkey_Feats
    Alright, pretty much as the title suggests, it's an in game map maker.

    How to install?
    Download the mod and extract it into your mods folder.
    Add the line - MapMakerMode - to Mods.cfg
    Set the Gamemode to - Sandbox - in Autoconfig.cfg
    Double click - RunLocalHost.bat (Dedicated server not working yet, sry)

    How to use?

    Using the builder, if you bring up your inventory menu, you will get a build menu just like normal. Only this one has everything in it. Cycle through the pages, select what you want..ect.
    buildmenu.png gridmenu.png teamcolour.png brushtype.png phasemenu.png placementmethod.png makermenushot.png

    Build Menu : Choose something to build.
    Phase Menu : Turn collisions on or off.
    Grid Menu : Turn the grid on or off.
    Team Colour : Select a team colour to build with.
    Sym Menu: Turn Symmetry on at the map center.

    Brush Type (For tiles) : Select a round or a square shaped brush.
    Placement Method (For tiles): Replace solid tiles or vice versa, else replace everything.
    Blobs always get destroyed under tiles atm. Right clicking will cancel placement.
    If you look closely while using the box brush you can see green and red outlines around the tiles. Green is where a tile will be placed and red is where nothing will happen.

    Double jump : Double jumping will make you fly, touch the ground again to return to normal.
    Right click : Right click something and instead of hitting it like usual, you'll pick it up.
    Right clicking an empty space : Will give you the eraser tile.
    Pickup Key : Will pickup any blob that is under your cursor.
    Pickup Key Again : Will destroy your carried blob.

    Markers: Markers are used for designating spawn points. More details on these can be found in game.

    To change the map size : Make an empty image in a photo editing program and resize it, save it as a png in your maps folder and add it to mapcyle.cfg found in the mod folder.
    Or you could just resize Blank.png, but that will be replaced when there is a game update.
    To save your map : Open the esc menu and click Save Map option, type in your map name and save.
    Then : You should be able to find your map in KAG-Beta/Base/Maps/

    • Add map statistics: map size, blob count, tile count, etc.
    • Add a time of day scroller.
    If you have any suggestions, tell me about it in the discussions tab up the top of this page.

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Recent Reviews

  1. Cleaf
    Version: 1.7
    Outstanding !
  2. laws65
    Version: 1.7
    very useful
  3. GoldyXEN
    Version: 1.62
    great mode to make maps when you to lazy to learn map blocks colors
  4. Ni
    Version: 1.62
    Great job!
  5. Markoss
    Version: 1.6
    It's great but i can't spawn at all
    1. Monkey_Feats
      Author's Response
      That version was broken last update sorry, try latest update.
  6. Eluded
    Version: 1.3
    It seems to be broken in this version of KAG. A fix would be great
  7. jonipro
    Version: 1.3
    I cannot spawn,please help.
  8. BarsukEughen555
    Version: 1.2
    the functions are looking awesome, couldn't find the markers aside from the main spawn marker though o:
    1. Monkey_Feats
      Author's Response
      you what?
  9. ShapeShifterMike
    Version: 1.2
    This was a really cool add-on, but there still isn't a way to save the maps to make. If you could save the maps this would be a five star mod.
    1. Monkey_Feats
      Author's Response
      Nice, lucky for me there is a way to save maps. I wrote it in the overview tab :P