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MapMakerMode 1.7


  1. MapMakerMode

    - Working latest build
    - Fixed Undo/Redo blob angles
    - Applying Symmetry Left/Right or vice versa will affect blob angles accordingly
    - Applying Symmetry Left/Right or vice versa will affect blob red and blue team colours accordingly
  2. MapMakerMode

    Working for latest build.
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  3. MapMakerMode

    Just got it working for latest version, minimap set back to default.
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  4. Map Maker Mode

    Added - Undo and Redo (Ctrl-Z & Ctrl-Y) (known problems with water atm).
    Added - Apply symmetry functions to the esc menu. (working with undo+redo)
    Added - Cycle buttons to markers, for changing between CTF flag, Halls, Ruins, Tent. etc.
    Fixed - Vehicle shapes and offsets.
    Fixed - Trees loading.
    Fixed - Error when picking up a blob and choosing a new one from the menu.
    Fixed - Savemap function.
    Fixed - Painting the other side of the map.. again!?
    Fixed - Shop Z levels.
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  5. Map Maker Mode

    - Added toggle lights buttons. It's a little laggy for a second, but heaps better.

    - Added a save map option to the esc menu.

    - Added a create map option " ". Your last created map values will save out to Cache/MapMaker.kaggen.cfg. If you come up with some good generator values and you wish to use them in another game mode, you can copy paste them to the base kaggen.cfg found in the maps folder. Where the info is I was going to do some kind of visualization, but that...
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  6. Map Maker Mode

    -Fixed errors from latest build
    -Fixed Catapult and Ballista dropping mats
    -Fixed AI Archer spawning wrong blob
    -Fixed picking a blob from the map with right click only letting you place one blob
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  7. Map Maker Mode

    -added symmetry visuals
    -added a few missing things to the builder menu (should now be everything!)
    -added vehicles page to builder menu
    -added class change button to player (e key)

    -fixed all blobs static on map load
    -fixed saving and loading of all blobs
    -fixed blobs that had no name (mostly)
    -fixed blob placement offsets
    -fixed spikes on preload tiles
    -fixed materials dropping from inventory's
    -fixed materials and vehicles decaying
    -fixed symmetry deleting symmetrical blobs
    -fixed phase...
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  8. MapMakerMode

    • Added a symmetry option the to builder menu. Does symmetry on the x axis from map center. (For tiles only atm)
    • You should now be able to load any map you want and edit it in its entirety.
    • Collapsing turned off.
    • Fixed the builder menu changing pages when you pick a block from the ground.
    • Placement method default set to replace all.
    • Fixed Lighting, You can now see under the ground with a light source, use the fireplace ;)
      Alternatively you could set no_shadowing to...
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  9. MapMakerMode

    Added - Saws, Scrolls and Necromancer teleport marker.
    Fixed - Box placement painting opposite side of the screen. (round brush still doing it..)
    Fixed - Blob rotations and a crash that came with that.
    Fixed - Offsets for some blobs.
    Fixed - Trading posts, can now use red or blue.
    Fixed - Those 2 really bad marker icons.
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