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Maps by 4zK May 2016

striving for functionality, good looks & innovative names

  1. 4zK
    Rat Pitt (1.1)
    CTF pitmap with two flags and excessive amounts of rat-shaped terrain.

    God Dam
    An attempt at a controlled water map. Two flags & small pitless gap at mid with weak ratting conditions.

    I would be grateful if anyone would be willing to test these out on a populated server.

    apologies for bad preview pictures

    more maps to come
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Recent Updates

  1. thx furai
  2. updated RatPitt / added GodDam

Recent Reviews

  1. daskew87
    Version: 2015-10-03
    I think this is brilliant. The rats look great and also seem strategic too. The placement of different blocks is eye-catching. One issue I have is the very close to spawn flag; which given the pit in the middle and length of map, might make this an incredible stalemater. Everything here is mostly lovely however.