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moarCommands RW-0.3.1a

moarCommands is a huge chat command overhaul project. Over 30 commands are planned.

  1. Asu

    It's a project planning to overhaul the chat command system, but also way more. It's meant to be highly extensible while being simple for any kind of user. It allows modders to use a powerful and easy to use library for implenting their commands and even more, but also server hosts to extend their server with various useful commands which pretty much should allow them to do everything they want, quicker.

    Wiki containing tutorials and command manual :

    Planned features :
    • A rich and useful command bank to acheive simple or rather complex tasks easily.
    • Assign commands to aliases (e.g. complex command and arguments into a single command at want directly from the game, and saving them)
    • A complete map editor, moarEdit, featuring brushes (even picture brushes! i.e. create your own brushes from file and use them ingame instantly), selections, copy & pastes, and way more.
    • A security system, moarSecurity, featuring watchdog to kick off griefers and hackers from your server, taking decisions by itself or allowing you to find hackers and griefers easily using the log system.
    • An advanced blob spawning command to acheive crazy stuff.
    • A good security system based on seclevs for higher security and easier security setup.
    • A great library for modders.

    Follow us on GitHub!

    Current progress : Around ~35%.
    The API is working but meant to be changed!

    If you want to download the older version for legacy, please check this :
    moarCommands is meant to be a huge chat overhaul, providing admin tools for faster server managing, cheats for faster testing, private message functions, and much more...

    Other downloads :
    NOTE : The full pack contains some unused / not developped yet commands.
    Full pack
    Full pack (mirror)

    Admin tools
    Cheating tools (LOCALHOST SERVERS / SOLO ONLY!)
    PM command
    Dependency pack
    Installing :
    Add the mod into the /mods/ folder, and add mC in the modlist (mods.cfg). Include mc.as in your desired gamemode.cfg (The same way as all other scripts such as CTF.as, etc..)
    You should be done.

    Now you MUST setup seclevs (But being logged in RCON *should* do it). mC uses seclev commands : mc_cmd_moarcommands will allow you to use !moarcommands, even via its aliases - Though the first command name must be set (mc_cmd_mC won't work for example)

    Running your KAG as a localhost server :
    Uncomment (Remove the '//' at the line beginning) "RunLocalhost();" in /Scripts/autostart.as. Then, just start the game. To disable it recomment it again.

    Adding a new command :
    (Tutorial taken from the chat commands file script)
    Note : If you just want to install a plugin pack, include it in your file :
    #include "mc_cmd_myawesomeplugin.as";
    Viewing installed commands and understand them :
    Type !mc commands to view all registered commands
    Type !man *command* to see some command documentation

    Credits :
    Fernegulus, for working with me (Yet he worked on the half of the commands)
    Myself, for writing most core and utils, also a big part of commands
    Geti, for helping me on IRC :^)

    License :

    Logo courtesy of @MadRaccoon
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Recent Reviews

  1. Anonymuse
    Version: RW-0.3.1a
    Amazing stuff, will be using it on my future builder wars server hopefully.
    1. Asu
      Author's Response
      Thank ya. If you ever need help or if you'd like to suggest features, call me
  2. Fernegulus
    Version: Very early testing
    Well, I'm working on it, so I probably shouldn't vote. Though I think that mod has a good potential, it can be expanded in many directions
  3. Diprog
    Version: Very early testing
    Good job