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[Open Source] Map Editor 1.3.1

A simple yet powerful Map Editor for King Arthur's Gold! Officially discontinued but Open Source!

  1. Open Source!

    In the past months I barely had any spare time since there was much work for school to do, so I toyed with the idea of releasing the source of my project. Originally, I planned to release it long ago, but canceled the idea since there was much work left like commenting the code, making it suitable for open source and thinking about a license.

    I finally, after a comment from AsuMagic, did all this so anyone who wants to improve / modify my project can do this now!

    The project is licensed under the MIT License, what means it can be modified, distributed and commercialized as you want to, as long as you include the license and my name (as the original creator).

    Here's the Open Source project!
    Modify, distribute and commercialize it as you want, as long as you respect the MIT License.

    That, however, means that the editor is now officially discontinued. I (probably) won't develop it any further. (If you want to continue the project, you can either fork it on GitHub and distribute your own version or fork it, make changes and do a pull request. If I am happy with your code, I will accept it and your code will be in the original version. If you are interested in becoming the main developer on this project, write me a mail or send me a message and we will talk :3 )

    numpad <3
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