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[Open Source] Map Editor 1.3.1

A simple yet powerful Map Editor for King Arthur's Gold! Officially discontinued but Open Source!

  1. Open Source!

    In the past months I barely had any spare time since there was much work for school to do, so I toyed with the idea of releasing the source of my project. Originally, I planned to release it long ago, but canceled the idea since there was much work left like commenting the code, making it suitable for open source and thinking about a license.

    I finally, after a comment from AsuMagic, did all this so anyone who wants to improve / modify my project can do this now!

    The project is licensed...
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  2. [Added] Rotated Doors and Chicks!

    You can finally place Rotated Doors (Neutral, Blue, Red) and Chickens.
    To make clear if your Map got exported or just copied to your Clipboard because of an error, a message will tell you!

    Or short:
    + Rotated Doors
    + Chickens
    + Message on Export
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  3. Version 1.3 - Newsfeed and Script-Sharing

    You will now find a newsfeed and a Section "New Scripts". You can now upload your scripts for other people to download with one click, and they can download them with one click.

    Sharing is still in Alpha phase and problems might occur.
    The newsfeed is fully functional and is pretty useful to note you about updates.
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  4. [Fixed] Export now should work everywhere!

    Since many people had problems with exporting maps, there should now be a really save way to do so.
    When you export a map, you also copy it to your clipboard so you can paste them in any image-editing program to save them from there, if the editor fails at it.

    The problem apparently occured for people with Russian, Chinese, etc. characters at the export path.

    Big thanks to "Inferdy" for helping me fixing this problem!
  5. [Fixed] Problems exporting Maps

    Update 1.2.1:
    [Fixed] Game freezes when exporting maps.