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Oracle 0.16

A mash up, class based, objective based fighter using many different classic GBC games.

  1. Concave
    Pick a class from the 4 categories of characters and head into battle in 3 different unique and vibrant arenas! Hold the control point for long enough time to win the match!
    1: autoconfig.cfg
    sv_gamemode = CTF
    sv_mapcycle =
    sv_info = [give credit please :)]
    Check to make sure these values are set in your autoconfig.cfg!

    2: mods.cfg
    Make sure this is on a non commented line in your mods.cfg!

    3: Have fun!
    For single player you can run runlocalhost.bat, or multiplayer dedicatedserver.bat.

    Enjoy the mod! :heart:

Recent Reviews

  1. Element_Paladin
    Version: 0.16
    Would be nicer with a new tent texture
    1. Concave
      Author's Response
      Haha yeah it really does, never really thought of that. Thanks for the review!
  2. 8x
    Version: 0.16
    This can't but get 5 stars; I'm sure you know the flaws though. My fav things are map pngs, kek, it needs more maps however
    1. Concave
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much! Maps are tedious to make as they require a unique tileset for each map, but I will look into adding more in the future, thanks for reviewing!