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Outpost v1.2

An outpost with a storage, where you can spawn and change class.

  1. Mazey

    An outpost.

    Here you can:
    -Change class



    -Unzip the download in your mods folder.
    -Go to your mods.cfg, inside the main KAG folder, add 2 lines at the bottom: BuilderShop and Outposts.
    -Run your server (or start the game and use it in single player)


    If you already use a modded version of the buildershop, you need to do this:
    -Remove the 4 lines, looking like under here, and past the whole code under here (in the vanilla file line 20):
        this.set_Vec2f("shop offset", Vec2f(0, 0));
        this.set_Vec2f("shop menu size", Vec2f(4,4));  
        this.set_string("shop description", "Buy");
        this.set_u8("shop icon", 25);
            ShopItem@ s = addShopItem( this, "Outpost", "$outpost$", "outpost", "An outpost, used for cheap spawning/storing/changing class anywhere.", false );
            AddRequirement( s.requirements, "blob", "mat_wood", "Wood", 120);
            AddRequirement( s.requirements, "blob", "mat_stone", "Stone", 20 );
    -Note that if your modded buildershop has a bigger shop menu size, increase the old value at
    ]this.set_Vec2f("shop menu size", Vec2f(4,4));
    (in the vanilla file line 21), it's 4 wide and 4 high right now: x,y.

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Recent Reviews

  1. CapitanForceX
    Version: v1.2
    A cool mod for servers! When you take the outpost you are like a slave! This is awesome! Good work