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Paper KAG Update 1

The scholars equivalent to the KAG base textures

  1. ffsff
    The Paper KAG pack enables you to dive back into those boring lectures where a pen and paper were your best friends. This pack turns the base KAG textures into a contrast colorful-white compilation.

    The bombs are team colored too! 25252525

    I know that some objects are hard to distinguish from others, adding any more color to the scene would go away from the paper feeling. So if you do not like the way this is then simply don't download this resource.

    ~ Install instructions are in the .zip file

    Here are a few pics of the pack:

    I quite enjoy this pack and I hope you will too


    1. screen-14-12-29-23-34-50.png
    2. screen-14-12-29-23-34-50.png
    3. screen-14-12-29-23-35-24.png
    4. screen-14-12-29-23-35-42.png
    5. screen-14-12-29-23-36-23.png
    6. screen-14-12-29-23-37-19.png
    7. screen-14-12-30-00-03-20.png
    8. screen-14-12-30-00-10-26.png
    9. screen-14-12-30-00-10-36.png
    10. screen-14-12-30-00-11-16.png
    11. screen-14-12-30-00-41-20.png
    12. screen-14-12-30-00-41-50.png
    13. screen-14-12-30-00-42-02.png

Recent Updates

  1. Archer fix / Old Buildings

Recent Reviews

  1. Jack_The_Whack
    Version: Update 1
    This is pretty great, I love the idea. It gets a little hard to distinguish the difference between stone and dirt sometime though, or I'm just blind. Either way, great job.
  2. giggiggiggiggig
    Version: 2014-12-30
    I like the idea, it just looks a bit weird. Good job!