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Phish Texture Pack WiP V1

The artstyle is influenced mainly by Fez. The ingame sprites are all altered. For KAG Classic

  1. TheWids
    Phish Texture Pack
    Whats Done (Percents are estimates):
    All classes male and female
    97% done Heads male and female
    50% done Rooms (done the essentials)
    20% done items
    0% done tents
    0% done background
    0% done other stuffssss

    screen-13-09-02-18-08-22.png screen-13-09-02-18-09-54.png
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Recent Updates

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Recent Reviews

  1. OutDated
    Version: WiP V1
    I liked Fez...
  2. windwizard999
    Version: WiP V1
    Just my kind of thing. Favorite part is the skeletons
  3. WarrFork
    Version: WiP V1
    I like the design, it's pretty simple but I just don't like the colors.
    1. TheWids
      Author's Response
      chince rating