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Polished Zombies 1.2

A polished zombie survival gamemode

  1. xTheSwiftOnex
    Hello all
    Welcome to what I've always wanted, a Polished Zombies game mode that did not feel buggy and broken. It plays like any other zombies game with a few twists here and there that I will let you discover! Feel free to play solo or host a server!

    Step 1. Place the PolishedZombies.zip file into your KAG2D main directory.
    Step 2. Right click on the PolishedZombies.zip file and hit "Extract Here".
    Step 3. Open up KAG2D and proceed to the Solo menu to start playing Polished Zombies!

    If you would like chatcommands/editor set sv_test in autoconfig to 1 or add yourself as an admin/superadmin role for servers.

    Spikes cannot be placed on Gold blocks.

    If any other bugs are discovered that are not listed, please feel free to let me know so I can patch them.

    None at the moment, just kinda think of stuff :)


    Created by xTheSwiftOnex aka XeonFaux
    Eanmig's Zombie Fortress Mode (Base)
    The Soprano's Necromancer (Necromancer and HUD)
    UltraMarine_Val's (Sprites)
    MechaTrickster (Sprites)
    Diprog (Mage, Chainsaw, Sprites)
    Aphelion (Sprites and AI)
    Zable (Small Meteorite)
    GoldenGuy (Editor)
    Char (Rocket Launcher)
    The1sad1numanator (Chat Commands)
    Have any maps you'd like added to the game mode? Please reach out and let me know.​

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