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Quad Saw

A 4-bladed saw block perfect for traps and tree farms!

  1. Blubahub
    The Quad Saw (previously called the "Ground Saw") is a block that will cut, grind, and chew through blobs of all types. Perfect for tree farms, the Quad Saw will only cut down trees when they're adults (reached max height), and all logs being sawed are processed into wooden materials (which then drop out from the bottom of the Quad Saw's wooden core). These saws will hurt all including teammates regardless of team.

    Do note that the Quad Saw ignores tiles (hard-coded blocks like stone blocks) and trap blocks. While this was originally intended to be built by Builders (for traps and tree farms), they naturally have multiple uses. As is, Builders can NOT build the saw (you'd have to add it to CommonBuilderBlocks.as yourself if you desired it to be so).

    Known Bugs
    - Kegs not properly giving off their wooden gib sprites on being destroyed by the Quad Saw
    - Lit bombs (and activated water bombs) not being affected by the saws
    - Quad Saw randomly falling due to bugged structure support code (temporary fix for this is to just place a background tile behind it for support)

Recent Reviews

  1. jonipro
    dope saw