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RadioActive's Map Pack Map files/versions: 82

KAG Beta CTF, TTH & Sandbox maps. New maps every month! Download and rate them! Suggest your ideas!

  1. New 3 CTF maps and 1 RTDM

    3 new CTF maps
    • Grott

    • CTF
    • Sandbox​
    • BloxFactory
    • CTF
    • Sandbox​
    • TrapFactory
    • CTF
    • Sandbox​
    1 new RTDM map
    • L1-RTDM

    Note: I don't play much RTDM and this is my first RTDM map so it's probably crappy. I think I know how these maps should look like, so next maps of this type should be much better.
    • S&S

    - added fixed versions with trees to the main download folder​
    • Pico CTF
    - fixed flag positions​
    I recorded a video how I make my maps. Check the spoiler below.

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