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RadioActive's Map Pack Map files/versions: 82

KAG Beta CTF, TTH & Sandbox maps. New maps every month! Download and rate them! Suggest your ideas!

  1. Fixes and 2 new CTF maps

    2 new CTF maps
    • Troxx

    • CTF
    • Sandbox​
    • PosseFactory
    • CTF
    • Sandbox​
    TTH version of
    • TrapFactory
    • TrapFactory

    - Noob level up!: once again I forgot to add trees.. (Added in this version)​
    • Ratz
    - fixed flag positions​
    • Sunny Side
    - removed some traps and spikes
    - small changes in the middle of the map (caves added)​
    • Crags
    - fixed flag positions
    - changes flag positions (2)
    - added more gold to the map
    Additional infos:
    Two things. As i said before I have much less time in the last months of the year. So - there will be only one update in this year, probably somewhere in late November.
    What should you expect?
    • 2-4 new flat CTF maps
    • 1-2 new TTH maps
    + 2 TTH versions​
    • I'm sure that some of the maps don't have enough gold, the flags may be incorrectly positioned. I'll check them all.
    • Long time ago I said that Sharcave needs a remake. It will be done.
    • Some of you may remember that I said I'm working on huge sandbox map (1000x450). To be honest - progress on it is like 10%. This map has never been a priority. I don't know if I should delete it and make one a bit smaller for RPG servers, and finish it when I find some time.
    • New/More RTDM maps? Nawww, not this year.
    Making new maps is cool but srsly - I can't make them every week :D I'm going to spend more time playing battle builder and rekin pleb with spikes.
    • I want to add sth to my thread, it's sekrit for now but it will take me some time to make.
    I think that's all, we'll see how it goes.
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