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RadioActive's Map Pack Map files/versions: 82

KAG Beta CTF, TTH & Sandbox maps. New maps every month! Download and rate them! Suggest your ideas!

  1. New 4 CTF maps

    4 new CTF maps
    • Dry_CTF
    (Direct download link)
    • Iscra_CTF
    (Direct download link)
    • Neth_CTF (Direct download link)
    • Swampy_CTF
    (Direct download link)
    Additional infos:

    I'm cleaning my PC and noticed I've some CTF maps I made long time ago and never posted anywhere, so here they are. All are flat and simple. Neth is kinda weird and I suggest you to add it only on the servers with max. 12-16 players.
    This is probably the last update for this map pack. Maybe some day I'll release some fixed versions of some maps, but you should not really expect that.
    Btw. There's huge chance for new map pack and some maps with mechanisms, but only when devs add them to the sandbox.
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