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[Release]Team Coloured Warboat 1.1

The title gives it away...

  1. VaderCraftGamer
    This is a team-coloured warboat.

    I was never expecting to release this, I was just trying to rextexture the warboat with random shades and then I thought this would look good so... have fun.

    Also here is the preview:

    Blah blah blah, you know the drill, put it in your game folder. Here are instructions if you don't know how...

    1. Click Download
    2. Go to Downloads on your PC
    3. Find the file named Base_WarBoat.zip
    4. Go into it and keep on entering the files until you find WarBoat.png, then copy WarBoat.png
    5. Open another folder and go to This PC> Local Disk(C:)> Program Files (x86)> Steam> steamapps> common> King Arthur's Gold> Base> Entities> Vehicles> Boats> WarBoat
    6. Copy your WarBoat.png folder you downloaded from this thread into the WarBoat folder. It should replace the previous boat files of KAG (keep in mind this will overwrite any changes you have made yourself to the file and replace them with the textures I changed).
    7. Load your game and check if it works! If it doesn't repeat the process again starting from step 1. (or comment down below to report the problem that is happening.)
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