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[Release] The Legend of Arthur: Breath of the Wild Sprites 2017-09-15

Breath of the Wild in KAG (Knight, Archer, Materials, etc. from Zelda: Breath of the Wild in KAG!)!

  1. VaderCraftGamer
    The Legend of Arthur: Breath of the Wild
    (This repeats what I said about installing the pack)

    This is a mod that has the male Knight and Archer (only for males, sorry) themed like Link from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in KAG! It not only has Knight and Archer themed to Breath of the Wild, but it also has bombs, water bombs, kegs, mines, coins, materials, and arrows themed like Breath of the Wild's items! You are the light that must shine upon Hyrule once again! Go, Link...

    The folder is zip so if you open it (it's called Base_Zelda_Mod) you should go into it, copy the 'Base' folder inside Base_Zelda_Mod and paste the Base file from Base_Zelda_Mod into the file called King Arthur's Gold.

    Note: This overwrites any other mods you have installed yourself, and you are going to have to reinstall them, unless you paste each image on it's own instead of pasting the whole Base folder.

    To access the King Arthur's Gold file, go to This PC> Local Disk (C:)> Program Files (x86)> Steam> steamapps> common> King Arthur's Gold

    Thanks for checking out this resource!
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