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RYATS - Raz' Your Attention (Totally Stolen) 1.0

Lightweight, powerful chat notifications

  1. JaytleBee
    Did this ever happen to you? You're busy getting those MLG 360 noscope flagcaps with extra cheese and don't notice someone in the chat wanting to have your children? Well, fear no more because with RYATS (/'raɪəts/) this is a thing of the past!

    It's simple! Just install the mod on your server and a small, but attention-taking sound will play whenever someone writes your name/nickname (case-insensitive) in the chat. Think this is annoying? Just type !mute on any RYATS enabled server to disable the notifications. Changed your mind, but you have terrible memory? Don't worry, we've got you covered! With our patented (patent pending (patent not actually pending)) single command system you just retype !mute to re-enable those lovely notifications.

    Are you a server admin and think this mod is good, but you'd like to make it /mute instead, change the notification sound or customize your RYATS experience in some other way? Just open the RYATS.as file and change the corresponding values. (some language skills required)

    Have bad internet? No problem! The mod uses in-game sounds by default to keep mod downloads to a minimum. In fact, the entire mod takes less than 10 KB!

    Interested in modding? The mod features clean code and an open license! In fact, I hereby declare this mod to use the CC-0 license. Some technicalities to consider are that RYATS.as is actually not added in gamemode.cfg, but instead called in ChatCommands.as, in order to work with all gamemodes. You can change ChatCommands.as as much as you want as long as you keep including RYATS.as and calling RYATS::OnTick and RYATS::OnClientProcessChat. (If you have no idea what any of that means but still want to get the mod running on a modded server, just pm me)

    Idea stolen from @Snickers213, code completely written by me (originally made for Sandbox Reborn (by me (these are quite a lot of parenthesis (I'm getting a little scared (oh god the amount (I'll have to close all of them (that's always a hassle (the tension would stay with us all day if I didn't close them

Recent Reviews

  1. bunnie
    Version: 1.0
    Good mod, now i don't need to check every 5 min if someone doesnt say my name 153132 times on my server and says "JESUS BUNNIE STOP AFKING FFS THERE'S A SPAMMER WOW". Sadly can't be used on my vanilla servers cause noone plays on modded shit for some reason.