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Sandbox reborn VVV

Made for sandboxs

  1. Vamist
    Sandbox reborn is here for free (So anybody can host it!)

    So, I was allowed to upload this by the makers, (I was meant to do it ages ago, but i was doing something else) so here we are.

    This mod comes with these features!;
    Anit spam
    God mode
    Breath in water
    Swim fast in water
    Anti hall (So people can't spawn them to destroy the spawns)
    Many good maps!

    The mod also has many more commands.
    More mechanics
    Secret team numbers that give you a boost
    Osmals custom guns!
    Editor (Fixed version)

    This mod is free to use, for what ever purpose.

    (Will upload the SECLEV when i get it,)

    Download here!


    (Since i can't upload it onto the Forums..)
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Recent Updates

  1. Sandbox reborn upload fixed.
  2. Seclevs