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Sasquash's First sandbox map V

A very big map for sandbox.

  1. Sasquash
    Just a bit of a trial. Completely non-isometric just for fun. The large mountain is made of Bedrock with stone blocking the entrances. a few islands and my signature in the corner. Originally had my doubts about adding trees to conserve on ping/lag.
    However i'm not really invested in this map beyond this version. This is under a creative commons so if you want to make other versions for your server feel free to do so.

    Drop into your /steam/steamapps/common/King Arthur's Gold/Base/Maps
    in your game's mapcycle.cfg put Maps/Strigzgropor.png
    If that seems annoying change the name ::):
    Triple isle.png A set of suspended rock, stone and dirt
    Caverns.png The Great depths of Mal Strigzgropor
    Ancient Valley.png Built a long time ago these three sturctures seem very famliar. You cant quite place your Hand on it quite yet. :X3:
    isle1.png An island way up in the sky. Was that a Dragon? Ah nah, just a cloud. Made you look though. :rekt:

    Meditation.png Atop a pile of loam, inside it sits a glorious glow. :gold:
    Skinney Tribute.png They say Giant Hares can be seen sometimes here. @Skinney I loved this map feature in BF, my interpretation having blown it up for a larger map. All yours mate.
    strigzlodor.png Kilugadhol Strigzlodor hovers over a low valley. Eerie drums seem to beat here, and though the grasses on the islands are green and healthy, the feeling that you are being watched never really fades while you are here. Native orcs in this land call this "Muzugdraugur*" those that have learned their tongue translate this to roughly mean ghouls or Gloom Ghosts.

    History: a once Orcish land, its natives come and go as they often do. A few War Chieftans have left behind carvings or in some cases even bound books of parchment describing the great war they fought to win so much land. Once a kingdom stood, Orcs ruled without any outside threat for what seems to be 100 years of peace. As with all power, hunger for its seat grew and divided the tribes, re-instigating the Valley's bloody past. The grass today is green, the trees, shrubs and flowers lively and full of color. Orcs will tell you however that the land still clings to the blood of the dead. While they may resettle the valley at some point, most are wary to, given its past.
    Inspirations; Skinney, Sgt SneakyPants, 8x, Lavalord
    Contributors; AsuMagic
    Real world inspirations; Stone Henge, Rock formations, Meditation
    Map Size;984 by 210 pixels

    *Translation from Blackspeech/Orcish. To those Oblivian people that may freak out, I laugh at anyone getting pissed off; This was taken from the fictional language and not your games. Specifically sourced from http://www.angelfire.com/ia/orcishnations/englishorcish2.html

Recent Reviews

  1. tigorsun
    Version: V
    wow epic map
  2. finleymars
    Version: V
    Very fun to play in singleplayer sandbox, the utter lack of awesome commands made up for by the varied landscape this map provides. I built a trampoline tower that sent me up to the island in the middle. This acted as a hub for my trampoline cannon empire. Great map!
    1. Sasquash
      Author's Response
      yeah its a blast.
  3. FoxyLady
    Version: IV
    A great map and has everything a builder needs.
  4. kaggit
    Version: III
    Externally good for a first map. I'm gonna host this map on my server. Been looking for a good map for my server and now I found one :P
    1. Sasquash
      Author's Response
      Let me know if its too laggy
  5. AmestriStephen
    Version: III
    Well done man! Really big, really cool!
    1. Sasquash