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ServerTool 2015-01-24

An easy simple tool to help new and even old players hosting their own dedicated servers.

  1. easier way to join the server added

    ~~What's new?~~
    -Made the program more stable , and replaced some old libraries to be sure it will be compatible with all the Operating Systems.
    -[Added] a "PM me" button to contact me if you faced any issue or found any bugs.
    -[Added] a new Tab ("How to join this server").
    -[Added] an automatic system to detect The IP address and the right Port used to host the server.
    -[Added] a detailed tutorial on how to host a server and how to join it.
    some of the .dll files unable to load.
    -[Fixed] the "Custom" button not working sometimes.
    -[Removed] Some useless codes that caused some useless .tmp files to get created in the KAG folder.
    ~~a New Screenshot~~

    ~~How to support me?~~
    if you really want to support me then please download , try and then give me Feedbacks and report any bugs you find (using the "PM me" button or in this resource thread) . This will help to improve this little program and make it easier for newcomers to host their own dedicated servers .
    I know that this tiny thingy isn't a big deal but at least I am sure it would be useful for some of us . So let's spread the love and joy ::)::thumbs_up:.
    PS: I just made this update because I met a lot of players in-game that liked this program and asked me to keep updating it and making it better , also I got many PMs asking about "How to join my own server?" and "why am I getting that error when I join my server using the server browser?". I want to apologize for all of those because I didn't make it clear enough in the first release , I wish this new update will clear it up for them ::):.

    ~~The program isn't working for me , what's wrong?~~
    just search "Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5" on Google , download it then install it . And VOILA the program will run without any issues.
    Have FUN !!!
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