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Shiprekt Plus 9.2

A revamped version of the original Shiprekt

  1. Strathos
    (pending proper introduction)
    Main features
    Ship ownership and team captains.
    Selectable blocks bought with..
    Booty($) that can be gathered through the map or gained through combat.
    Mounted machineguns and hand pistols.
    Couplings managing and docking.
    Team ladderboard.
    Sudden Death mode.
    Mothership explosions.

    Various bugfixes including
    Misplaced blocks while on a moving ship.
    Slowly lagging behind on a moving ship (client side).

    Special thanks
    To Chrispin for his contributions to weapons, Skinney for his sprites, AsuMagic for hosting the gamemode on its early stages and to MM and Geti for creating the original Shiprekt.

    A few screenshoots
    Ingame help


    Motherships engaged

    Miniship skirmish

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Recent Reviews

  1. AntonioModer
    Version: 9.2
    I want a full native game Shiprekt!
  2. funtikar
    Version: 9.2
    F yeah !!! , I knew I wasn't the only one, its exactly what I wanted. I knew that the gameplay can be improvised much better. Shiprekt was fun only for a few minutes. You don't need the russian roulette block choosing to make it fun just knowing how to control the ship is fun.... god dang it original dev
  3. Stevedog
    Version: 9
    It is a lot of fun to play, never get bored.
  4. daskew87
    Version: 7
    This is an incredible mod. I have had a lot of fun with it recently; playing it even more than normal KAG.
  5. blackjoker77777
    Version: 7
    this is a great version of shiprekt i like the idea of choosing the bloc types but i cant mainly control the cannons or mybe i dont know exaactly the button to do that ;anyway i think its good enough to have 5 stars great job :)
    1. Strathos
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review, blackjoker.
      Controlling cannons is possible if you are not the ship owner. You gotta be standing near them and press E.
      Consider that the cannons manning can be disabled by the ship owner, though.