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Shiprekt Plus 9.2

A revamped version of the original Shiprekt

  1. big update with stability and gameplay improvements

    v7 to v9 changelog

    A lot of optimizations to reduce server CPU usage (using cached values, reducing frequency of CPU intensive functions).

    Smooth sailing: no more jerky ship movement.
    Secure walking: players don't lag behind their ship (locally).
    Steady building: mouse pointer doesn't jump around and block offsets are calculated correctly.

    No more team shared booty: players have their own resources.
    Players can transfer booty to their captain and captain to his/her crew.

    Only 1 kind of Xs. "Miniships" get a reduced gathering rate.
    Crew get booty rewards for almost all kinds of combat.
    Warm-up time at match start where players can't purchase weapons, transfer booty and crewmates get restrictions on mothership building.

    Can return blocks after bought.
    Can quickly repurchase blocks by pressing F on the block menu.

    Disabled minimap.
    Compass now shows team players (all the time) and enemy players (when nearby).
    Can scale the compass by 2X with the M key (tap or hold).
    360 degree pointing emote with middle mouse button.

    Much improved in-game help.
    Gameplay tips are displayed on death and periodically on the chatbox.
    TAB board now shows team captains, player booty, mothership kills/deaths and match time.

    Sounds are now "directionally accurate".
    Fixed player-to-ship collision detection when ramming.
    If the video setting "faster graphics" is enabled, fewer particles are created (can help with client-side CPU usage).

    A bunch of gameplay balancing and other under the hood improvements like better ship ownership calculation and propeller handling.

    Known issues:
    Sometimes block placement fails.
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