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Star Wars v0.5

A Star Wars Overhaul for Beta

  1. jonipro
    This is mine and @Killy07 ,@nik2005 ( @Irri ) and @Kasper123 currently retexture (overhaul) for King Arthur's Gold Beta. We stopped working on it, so i am going to release this here. You might want to accompany this with @GoldenGuy 's lightsaber modification if you wish, which is inspired by Osmals modification.
    Installation: Extract the archive to your KAG Beta Modification folder. I recommend running it as a mod. You may alternatively use it in kag base folder but please make a backup first.

    Implemented; Retextures
    To be added; Sounds, gamemode and more characters (classes) (( and more maps ))

    Note: All the images have been compressed to decrease filesize.
    Thread; https://forum.thd.vg/threads/star-wars-mod.26700/
    Repo; https://github.com/terracraft321/KStarWars
    - If anybody is interested in adding more content should contact me or doing it on Github.


    1. screen-18-01-05-20-45-54.png

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  1. Added DeathStarV3

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  1. Banex
    Version: v0.5
    1. jonipro