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TDM Edits Collection 06.18.2015

Contains "Archer Only", "Knight Only", "No Trader", etc.

  1. Updated [FL]

    • Now it destroys blocks much faster.
    • Can destroy bedrocks with a little chance.
    • Can destroy background tiles.
    • Corpses and traders don't destroy anything.
  2. Fall TDM - TDM[FL]

    Added new edit called "Fall TDM". Tiles in square 3x3 will be getting destroyed every 0.3 sec. I think it's very fun to play, idea from @wormy
  3. Added a new mod, updated others.

    • [KO] - now all arrows replaced by bombs.
    • [AO] - all bombs replaced by arrows.
    • Added a new mod - [BL] (Builder). It adds a builder to TDM, this mod can be combined with others.