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The Waste Kind 0.8

A CTF-like mod with custom visuals, maps and a cover system

  1. Latest Version with upgraded weapon system, items, and a cool Drug system

    Here it is the latest version of The Waste Kind. Ferrezinhre has developed a unique system of drugs, which spawn randomly from item dispensers. The weapon system is new, and uses a mod from m16 from Geti himself. The throwing system still uses osmal's script, and has the latest update for working with the explosive items. More info on the front page.
  2. Grenades, Item Spawners and old Style Khebabs

    Implemented grenades and Item spawners yay! Also, Old style Khebabs (burgers).
    This will need online testing and further tweaking/balancing as you can imagine.

    frag nade.png
    Added Diprog's Item spawners (spawn either food, frag nades or sticky nades randomly every 25 seconds)
    Added 2 types of grenades based on Skinney's Satchel: sticky (bigger radius and dmg) and frag; they only hurt players!
    Added Food (heals 100%)
    Fixed more snags on maps
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  3. Fixes at maps and minor tweaks

    - Fixed some snags maps
    - Added a crappy fire trail for bullets
    - Fixed the shoot height: possible to shoot while right behind 2 tiles height
    - Other minor tweaks
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