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Through The Platform 1.1

Tired of annoying archers shooting from the platforms? Then this is for you.

  1. Diprog
    And here is an another simple mod from Diprog. But it doesn't add any fun, it's just a balancing tweak. Now arrow can get through the platform with a low chance (if the random value is equal to 1, then an arrow can do that).
    This idea came to my mind, when tons of archers were behind the platform and were shooting from behind of the platform, so nobody could pass (cause a builder was repairing it very quickly). So now you can spit to their faces.

    • The chance is 33%. Max value is 3. Random function generates values from 1 to 3 (max value). So the chance is 1/3 = 0.(3) = 33%. You can change it in the script.
    • Only regular arrows can pass
    • Arrows can go through all of layers of platforms, but it will slow down them. upload_2015-5-26_9-31-16.png
    Композиция 1.gif
    1. Unzip downloaded archive to your "Mods" folder
    2. Open "mods.cfg"
    3. Add a new line and write "ThroughThePlatform". Like this: upload_2015-5-25_22-14-20.png
    4. You did it, just launch a server and invite your friends.

    Don't forget to check out my other mods :)


    1. upload_2015-5-26_9-30-59.png

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  1. More thoughtful.

Recent Reviews

  1. Inferdy
    Version: 1.1
    Interesting idea. 10/10/2007
  2. Asu
    Version: 1.1
    I love you.