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Tickets 1.2.3

Adds tickets to CTF, each team gets to spawn only a specified number of times

  1. cameron
    This mod was already available through the mod API, just uploading it here so people can find it by searching on the forums.
    If you want to run it you should add the line:
    tickets = cameron1010:tickets

    to your mods.cfg file, your server will automatically download and use the mod (as well as download any updates if there is a new version).

    A ticket is removed each time a player spawns, when there is no tickets players stop spawning and must wait for the map to end.

    Number of tickets can be set based on the the number of players, and can set to be different amounts for each team.

    In order to customize the number of tickets, make a copy of tickets.cfg.example (found in the settings folder) and call it tickets.cfg, then edit the variables as desired. If a tickets.cfg is not found, it will use the default value of 40 tickets per team.

    The cfg file is loaded when a new map is started (i.e. it can be configured without restarting the server)

    Uses the ticket depletion beeps that were in classic.
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Recent Reviews

  1. makmoud98
    Version: 1.2.1
    very nice mod, works great