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TR Map Palette 1.0

Lets make some maps

  1. king-george
    So, I've been playing TR since yesterday. I think it's awesome! Hopefully, this game will become as popular as KAG, and beyond.

    I decided to poke at the game files 'n stuff. I saw a map folder, and it's contents. I found a map loader, so I decided to make a palette!


    There's quite a few of tiles/objects that I still don't understand. (Marked by the question marks) Especially the spawn colors, as it appears there's only one color for spawn.

    I'm not really an experienced map maker, but I hope someone will begin making some with this!

    When I had started making this, I hadn't realized this has been done already. But that palette has little content, so I took the liberty of making this one.
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