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Wang Tile Castle Randomgen 2023-02-15

(Classic KAG map generator, map tool for map creators)

  1. Froghead48
    this is a folder with about ~30 castles i have generated using a custom wile tile sheet for classic kag. the maps generate with rubble currently, which is not in steam kag, so please take a look at the maps and remove it if you are going to use them for anything.

    Personally, i copy/paste portions of the castles into other maps and then get creative, but i find that starting with something prebuilt can make the process of drawing a functional and eye-catching structure. its also fun to generate a million maps, and ive included the wang sheet and generator if you want to explore further. (classic kag map generator!) editor.png editor3.png bigwang.png

Recent Reviews

  1. tigorsun
    Version: 2023-02-15